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              Room 1901-1903, Builiding A, Injoy square,
              Development Zone, Danyang city,Jiangsu, China

              Company Profile

              Danyang Royal Sino Tools Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer supplying a full range of diamond saw blades, TCT saw blades, cutting discs, grinding wheels and drill bits. Our factory is near Shanghai Port with convenient transportation.

              With 20 years' production experience, we enjoy a good reputation in tool industry. We have a team of skilled workers and experienced technicians. Our products are widely used for cutting and grinding granite, marble, concretes, asphalts,titles and wood with good quality. All of our products are exported to foreign countries and regions with the best quality. We are looking forward to cooperating with you for mutual benefits...

              our services

              SERVICES ONE

              Product design

              We have a strong product design team and have been engaged in various product design for over 20 years.

              SERVICES TWO

              Product customization, mould manufacturing

              We accept OEM/ODM, we have our own mould workshop, plastic injection molding machine, aluminum die casting machine, etc